For more almost two decades, Q initiatives have been dedicated to development of this new, broad-spectrum applied science. Through utilization of our novel means for establishing dynamic material and energy relationships, Q technologists have developed ultra-efficient methods for beneficially manipulating matter and energy to create transcendent solutions for many of the planet’s most vexing challenges. To date, there are over 50 unique applications for Q science defined for enhancement or replacement of many vital systems and methods humanity is dependent on for contemporary living. Each of these Q alternatives represents monumental advancement for the industries affected, while minimizing or eliminating negative environmental impact. Presently, 23 of the 50 defined applications have had Patent Applications filed by our excellent Intellectual Property firm in Washington, DC and all are in various stages of advancement toward obtaining Global Patent Protection. Q Hydrogen Solutions technology represents the culmination of decades of Research and Development in order to create the most efficient method of producing Hydrogen Gas the world has ever seen. Let's make the world a better place together!

The internal QuasarWave active development group is comprised of exemplary partners from the United States and several foreign countries. Each partner possesses deep expertise and experience in their respective fields, with all having attained positions of elevated leadership. Included are Business Founders and Developers, Scientists, Engineers, Diverse Legal Experts, Former Executive Officers of Fortune 100 to 500 Companies and retired officers from the U.S. Military.  A look at our active team is below.